Le Charme - Bed & Breakfast Nijmegen City Centre
Le Rêve

…a guest apartment with star-attitude…

Within walking distance from the centre of Nijmegen and the Central Station, is guest apartment Bed & Breakfast Le Rêve.

There is free parking in front.

La Suite

…authentic and romantic guest apartment…

Bed & Breakfast La Suite is a whole house with three bedrooms at the Voorstadslaan 12. This is a self service apartment very near the city centre of Nijmegen.

A stay in Utrecht?

La Perle - Bed & Breakfast Utrecht

... the pearl of Utrecht ...

In the wonderful museum district in the centre of Utrecht, surrounded by the beauty of monuments, museums, parks and canals, you will find La Perle. La Perle is a spacious city apartment that offers more than a luxury hotel suite.
Here you can reside in rooms that would not be out of place in a French Country house.

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